the tetris garage

I am limited to a double garage for my workspace….

& storage…

& everything else….

so everything I have is on carts with castor wheels, welcome to….

every time I want to do anything I have to move out all the elements not required out of the way;

  • the gardening equipment cart
  • off-cut cart
  • waste bin cart
  • etc.

Then I can finally move the workbench out onto the driveway, unfortunately i have no car port/ covered area to work in, so if its intermittent weather or too hot, I also have to put up a pagoda to be able to work without worrying about the elements.

I have to go through this same process if I want to use either the laser cutter or the CNC mill…

Then once I have completed the jobs, i get to pack it all back in, in reverse sequence….

Happy-Happy Joy-Joy