the interior

PLT station – Left console

the mounts for the collectives had to be customised as they are different controllers for the PLT & CPG

I pulled the trigger (& used my 20% discount voucher from the virpil panel design competition win) & purchased the virpil twist collective with the UH-60 grip… what a gorgeous piece of hardware….

if you’re wondering about the pile of stacked bricks, we are collecting the bricks to build a fence, unfortunately our specific house brick we used was discontinued over 10 years ago….. but we almost have enough now to begin construction.

I also added some checkerplate matting on the PLT platform, on the CPG floor & in the foot well too.

I also found some little vertical blinds for ‘the bag’ on aliexpress.

I wanted to keep the interior as clean/streamlined as possible without any background noise so the only obvious choice was to line it.