visual displays

Unlike the warthog project I cannot use a 270 screen & projectors, as much as I’d like to build a geodesic dome & make it a hemisphere pit….. I would be near completely blind in the apache with no IHADSS, which is the main combat multiplier of the airframe. Plus I have 2 stations to consider; PLT & CPG.

So projectors & wrap around screens are OFF the table for this simpit, hence I have gone with the following;

  • PLT station : Virtual Reality (HP Reverb G2)
  • CPG station : Flat screen (Dell 31″ monitor + 3x 9.7inch 2K Monitor screens for the MFDs/TADS)

The PLT station will utilise my HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality headset, I did have a Pimax 5K, which had excellent field of view, but the resolution wasn’t as good & i HAD to zoom to read the guages, with the G2, its a little narrower, but the clarity….

the CPG will be using a pancake (flat screen setup), I may add head tracking, probably with an trackIR opensource equivalent, once i get around to building one… this will allow the CPG to also leverage the IHADSS.

the CPG will also be spoilt with 3 working MFD/TADS screens up front, which I envision he will spend most of his time looking at rather than sight-seeing out the window.

The EUFD utilised a Nextion 5.0″ screen

its nice to have a working EUFD as well….