other tools

Most of my hand tools are budget constrained, I would have preferred to have been able to purchase Makita brand tools for all my power tools, however I couldn’t justify the added expense, as much as i wanted to.

So almost all of my tools are Ryobi One 18V….

  • drill
  • driver
  • trim router
  • reciprocating saw
  • angle grinder
  • multi tool
  • power cut saw
  • power file
  • hot air gun
  • air blower

except for my Table saw, mitre saw & circular saw, these are evolution brand, I picked them up primarily because of the multi material blade they use, which dont make the nicest of cuts in wood, but i don’t have to go swapping blades when i start cutting plastics, aluminium or even steel.

At some point I would like to replace my planer & table saw with dewalts,

my mitre saw with a bosch &

my circular saw with a makita plunge/track saw.