How it all began

Back in the day (of soundcard gaming ports, autoexec.bat file manipulations, voodoo grafx cards & 3DFX….& all multi-play was at LAN meets over 10/100Mb hubs not switches) I produced several flat pack cockpit designs, the first, my ‘Mk1’ was functional, but looked like a noddy mobile when compared tot he slick F1 race sim style pits that were out there…

So had another crack, loosely based on the F-16 ergonomics (side mount stick & throttle to reduce the width), this ended up as the ‘Mk2’ & I took this down to Avalon for a LAN setup at the international airshow, which we (82 VFS – Sydney Hawks, put on with some members of 62 Fighting Falcons from Brisbane & other groups from Newcastle NZ) some of the Brissy lads liked the work I had done & asked if they could duplicate it, which I was happy to provide the sketches that I had (back then I couldn’t use CAD) & from their design – the Akers-Barnes cockpit was born.

Michael & Peter were even nice enough to credit me with inspiring their design, which was humbling.

To their credit Michael & Peter made these plans free to the community & many a pit has since been started with an Akers-Barnes design or at least a derivative of it.

It’s nice to think that I had a hand in inspiring others to build their first simpit, nothing fancy, just simple enough to do the job.

If I do end up court, I fully intend to exploit the insanity plea… I mean my lawyer will hardly have to do any legwork to prove the case.

” I mean – seriously your honour, just look at the simpit; my client is obviously unstable & a complete nutter.”

my legal counsel