the G-seat

Yet another project within the project

I had been closely following Bergisons attempts to bring this to the recreational market with a commercial vendor, however the production costs would prove this beyond the budget of all but the most well off, so the decision was made to provide a single DIY build license.

G-Seat panelling

This was what I was waiting for, especially with VR…. rotary wing ops are about to become just that little bit more immersive for me.

So I purchased a license & began to build my frame whilst I waited for some wheelchair motors to ship from the USA….

I looked at aluminium extrusion, but here in Oz it’s just too expensive & I had some spare steel 50x25x1.6mm RHS sections left over from some other projects, that I quickly put to good use to build the frame from steel. I had the facilities to cut, prep & weld so that made the aluminium extrusion less of a production requirement.

The G-seat will be positioned in the Pilot station as it is my primary seat & is setup for VR

I may, if finances permit, build a second G-seat & add another third controller card, which will allow me to join the seats to be syncronised in their output, this might be good for other dual seat helo’s, (OH58D & CH47D) but for the CPG, it probably isn’t advantageous to have the CPG being thrown about by the seat whilst trying to aquire targets