the paint scheme

I chose the standard Australian Army camoflauge livery specifically in the style of the recently retired OH-58A kiowas, which I always loved & wanted to try to purchase a fuselage when the all airframes when to auction, but they were still airworthy/servicable & therefore were attracting ‘aviation’ rates….

whereas the paintwork (nor the aircraft) of the Aus Tiger aircraft never appealed to me, it just looked like crap.

All i did was grap a few images of left & right profile pics of the Aus Army OH-58s & superimpose the apache sketch profiles over the top,

then did a quick & dirty paint scheme with paintbrush…. just enough to give me an idea of the required pattern

then all i had to do was identify the paint colours as near as i could….another trip to Bunnings.

This is my first attempt at spray painting…. ( i hate painting; i’m only guaranteed to get ~60% where it needs to be… the other 40% ends up running up my arms to my elbows, down my back, in my hair…. I look like ive been finger painting at kindergarten)
& it was a bit too windy , not a constant light breeze but more the occaisional gust… so i covered the neighbours car for them.

I was just finished & waiting for the paint to dy just enough so that i could get the tarp cover back on….. & it rained. ‘Shit-Magnet’ strikes again

painted walk around

& finally, some nose art in lieu of a TADS ‘drum’ & PNVS turret