the apache pit (project)

building a full tandem AH-64D Apache simpit

‘Exhibit A’ (your honour), for the subsequent/pending divorce proceedings…

( I utterly & entirely blame the warthog project)

Note: for those familiar with the warthog projects web page, you might find striking resemblances to his pages/layout & content here.

This is no accident, being that I am no coder or webdev, I have intentionally tried to emulate his good work as best I can in my limited capacity to reflect his high standards & provide similar information in a familiar layout, by copying as much as he already had in place.

I see no point trying to reinvent the wheel – I like his style, it’s established & it works.

“imitation is the highest form of flattery”

So let’s be clear; at one time I was military, at another time I was a pilot, but I was never a military pilot.

I was a commercial helicopter pilot, & whilst I always aspired to fly helos in the military, I was only ever a dumb grunt.

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