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VHF Omni-Directional Range (VOR)

The VOR ground station provides magnetic bearings from the ground station by transmitting VHF radio signals in such a way that the characteristics of the signal change through 360 degrees around the transmitter. This produces 360 'radials' each with its own unique characteristics. The signal transmitted to the east of the station, ie along 090 deg Magnetic outbound track, or radial, cannot be received from any other direction. Whenever the aircrafts equipment receives that particular signal it fixes its position as being somewhere along the 090 radial ie: somewhere east of the station.

File:VOR 2.jpg

Note that the actual heading of the aircraft will have nothing to do with the signal that is received.

The Instrument used incorporates the following:

  • Omni Bearing Selector (OBS)
  • Course Deviation Indicator (CDI).

The pilot must set the radial required utilising the OBS, once set, the instrument will compare the signal being received to that set in the instrument and the CDI will indicate how far left or right you are from travelling along that radial additionally there is a FROM/TO indicator, which is where most beginners get caught out.

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