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  1. To get up and running you will need to download the 4 items indicated here.
  2. Having all these programs preinstalled before your first online meeting will save time.
  3. Get TeamSpeak and Discord Downloaded and Configured using the links below. This way you will have access to realtime assistance throughout the orientation process.
  1. Just getting OvGME, the 229th Mod Pack, and Simple Radio Downloaded is good enough for now.
  2. If, however, you're ambitious or just curious you can get detailed info on configuring these programs in the following sections, and get started on the process.
  3. Otherwise, we're happy to take you through it during a TeamSpeak meeting.

Team Speak

This is normally the initial point of contact for new pilots joining 229AHB so members can help walk you through configuring anything that you get tripped up on.

Download & Install Teamspeak Client - Install_TS

Configure Teamspeak Client - Config_TS

Discord Server

Download Discord

Create a discord login account

Connect to 229th AHB Discord server:

OVGME & 229 Mods

Download the 229th Mod Pack

Download OvGME.

Simple Radio

Download & install SRS