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how to disable mods in order to update DCS

Note: DCS must be closed prior to running OVGME to enable or disable mods

Disable Mods

open OVGME

select all enabled modules

click on disable

perform DCS update

run DCS openbeta update

wait for update to complete

reapply mods to join 229AHB servers

select all required mods

click on enable

wait for completion then click on quit.

start DCS

leave mods disabled to join other servers (pure client requried)

ensure all mods are disabled

(wait for completion then) click on quit.

start DCS

enter Multi Player

join the target server

Note: if an online server does NOT have the 'pure client' integrity check enabled; then you can leave your 229 mods ON and still connect to that server. 
Many public servers (ie: Aerobatics Online) do not run the pure client check and allows you to maintain your system setup with all mods applied.

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