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How to configure

Ensure you are using the latest client

Srs 06.png

Confirm your microphone and speakers are set to the correct devices

Srs 07.png


Select Controls from the menu list

Srs 08.png

Ensure the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button is mapped correctly

Add server favourite

Select Favourites from the menu list

Srs 09.png

add the 1CAV/229AHB SRS node to the list of server favourites

Dont forget to click on the + button to add it into the list of SRS servers

Srs 10.png

The 1CAV/229AHB server should now be populated in the server list

Connect to server

Returning to the General page, the 1CAV/229AHB SRS server, should now also appear in the server drop-down

Srs 11.png

Select the 1CAV/229AHB SRS server from the list

Note: Server and connection icons will be black and disconnected 

Srs 12.png

Click on Connect to test the server link configuration

When connected, Server and connection icons will be green and connected *

Note: when you are connected and there may or may not be other clients connected, depending on time of day

Srs 13.png

(* in this instance I do no have DCS open, hence the game connection is still black)

Server Settings

Click on Server Settings and verify all items

Srs 14.png

Toggle radio overlay

Click on the toggle radio overlay button to visualise the radios and frequency

Srs 15.png

Note: in this instance DCS is not running and I am not in an aircraft, no radios turned on

Once you start an aircraft in DCS and have all the radios turned ON and tuned to the appropriate frequencies you can no utilse them for all voice communications in multiplay missions

Here the overlay is displaying all active radios (by type) and the frequencies tuned

Srs 16.png

in 2D the active radio button will be Green and turn white when transmitting

Note: DCS is now running and 3rd connection icon is now green

The in cockpit shot displays the radio pedestal panel of the UH-1H with all tuned frequencies, and the SRS client overlay matches all.

Srs 17.png

Note: Radios must be turned ON in the aircraft and tuned to the correct frequencies in order to speak to your team mates.

VR radio overlay

If you are using a VR headset, such as Rift or Vive, the radio overly toggle is achieved by utilising the following keystroke combination

L Ctrl + L Shift + Esc

and can be seen here

Srs 18.png

In VR the selected (active) radio will display an * at the end of the text & TR will display when you transmit additionally when receiving, incoming traffic on the respective radio text will display in white.

Select Disconnect to sevre the connection to the simple radio server

Srs 19.png

It really is that easy

Audio out: selective net to sides

Additionally, you may prefer to configure the audi output for each radio to a specific ear piece in your headset;

e.g. so that your internal net is always in your left ear & the command net in the right.

SRS audio.jpg

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