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Communication Networks

When working with numerous and multiple aircraft types and roles, it is more conducive to segregate communications into flights, to reduce radio chatter and maintain effective command and control

This is achieved by utilising multiple radios, in the UH-1H it is achieved using the Signal Distribution Panel C-1611/AIC

Dist panel.png

This instrument allows pilots to monitor all radios, but only allows transmission on 1 radio at a time, therefore you must know which radio you are currently configured to transmit on, otherwise your response will go unheard on the incorrect radio….

For instance, in the diagram below, each flight would have their own internal radio network on a specific radio and frequency, in the case of the Bandit flight all aircraft would be monitoring all radios but would only be transmitting on the internal flight FM radio network on frequency 30.00.

However the Bandit Flight Lead would also be swapping between the Command Net (UHF 251.00) and internal flight net (FM30.00) as required to communicate with the AMC (Tiger) to report on progress, respond to situational status and to request additional taskings, as well as controlling and co-ordinating with the flight to ensure smooth operational flow.

Comms net.png

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