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Basic Wings requirement: Task_2010 - PERFORM MULTI AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS

8. Basic Wings – Perform multi aircraft operations

8.1. Objective: Perform multi aircraft as per task 2010 UH-1h ATM 2007

refer to Multi Aircraft Operations (formation guide)

8.2. Competencies expected: The pilot will

8.2.1. participate in a formation flight briefing in accordance with 229th SOP

Table 4-1. Multi-aircraft operations briefing checklist (mandatory items)

1. Formation type(s): Takeoff, Cruise, Approach

2. Altitude

3. Airspeed: Outbound to Start Point (SP), Cruise, Inbound from Release Point (RP)

4. Aircraft lighting

5. Loss communications procedures

6. Lead change procedures

7. Loss of visual contact/in-flight link-up / Rally points 8. Actions on contact

9. IIMC procedures

10. Downed aircraft procedures / Personnel Recovery / Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR)

8.2.2. demonstrate flying in simple trail and staggered right formations in position 2

Form 03.png

8.2.3. demonstrate reacting to loss of visual contact in accordance with the 229th SOP.

  • If you LOSE SIGHT of the Flight, implement the following procedures.
(Except for enemy contact, all mission requirements are subordinate to this action)
  • Immediately Radio call to alert the flight and advise them of your specific action.
“Bandit 3, Blind, Breaking out Right”
  • Flight lead will indicate the flights current Altitude, Heading and Airspeed.
  • Immediately assume the flights heading and airspeed in order to maintain horizontal separation.
  • Maintain vertical separation by initiating a climb to a briefed altitude.
  • Immediate Altitude separation is a quick and efficient way to prevent an accident.
  • Relocate the flight by scanning an altitude as close to flight altitude as possible.
  • When you get eyes back on the flight, advise flight lead and await order to rejoin.
  • Unit SOPs may state the procedures for reestablishing contact with the flight.
    • Rally to an inflight link-up
    • Rallying to a known point
      • Air Check Point ACP along the route
      • Position sent by lead
      • Terrain feature.
    • Use of covert/overt lighting
    • Ground rally.
  • If Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) are encountered,

IMC Breakup.jpg

  • Only after the entire flight is formed should the mission proceed.